Our Mission is to create LEADERS
L – Lead towards a caring community and a place of transformation.
E – Encourage to continually develop their God given talents in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, cultural and social spheres.
A – Appreciate and be content with the blessings of the Lord.
D – Define our existence.
E – Emerge with a meaningful role within the school and the society.
R – Revive blissfully at any given situation.
S – Self awareness and self disciplined.


Our vision is to PERFORM
P – Passion for Teaching and Learning.
E – Effective communication.
R – Reverence.
F – Faith in God given talents.
O – Objective decision making.
R – Recognition of skills.
M – Mastermind creators.

Model Sant Nirankari Public School Student

We envisage our model to be the enlightened FLAME
F – Future Leaders
L – Legend Performers
A – Achievers
M – Maximizing self esteem
E – Eminent scholars

Academic Commitment

Our commitment as educators at Sant Nirankari Pubic School students is C-LIFE.
Creative, Logical Fun-loving Education.