Core Values of SNPS – SPIRITUAL

(S) Sincerity

Sincerely we believe every student has the ability to learn and has a potential to fulfill their dreams of aspirations

(P) Purity

Purely believe that our Faculties is proactive, encouraging, caring, and that leads to successful students.

(I) Integrity

Intense care taken to fulfill commitments, acknowledge and celebrate success.

(R) Responsibility

Responsible as a team to have high expectations promote high achievement.

(I) Impeccable

Important to be flawless to be a role model.

(T) Tolerance

Thank the lord, be content and gracefully accept everything as a blessing.

(U) Unity

Unitedly the team works to produce future leaders.

(A) Accomplishment

Accomplish to be citizens with ethical values.

(L) Loyal

Loyal to implementation of Mission, Vision and Core values of SNPS.