S.N. PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Indrapuri, Ludhiana is one of the various educational institutions run with the support and under patronage of the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation the organizational outfit of Sant Nirankari Mission-a worldwide spiritual movement for universal brotherhood through realization of formless God-Nirankar. Sant Nirankari Mission is running, three Senior Secondary Schools and ten of public schools at Pahar Ganj, Tilak Nagar, Avtar Enclave, Malviya Nagar, Govind Puri, Nirankari Colony in Delhi and one at Faridabad (Haryana), Ludhiana (Punjab), Hoshiarpur (Punjab) and Durgapur, (West Bengal). These institutions benefit all sections of society in providing quality education, without any discrimination of caste, colour, creed and religion. SNP Schools were started with a motive to provide quality education to underprivileged group of the society in finding their way into public school at an affordable fee structure.

S.N. Public High School sow its inception in 1987 under the aegis of Sant Nirankari Mission with a mission to pay back to the Society handsome dividends through participation in the whole process of Socio-economic and cultural development.

Education at S.N. Public High School is valued based where students are prepared for the challenges of life by teaching them the finer qualities of heart like love, compassion & harmony. Dedication towards work is instilled in them through activity based learning and they are conditioned to act as the agents of a positive change in the society.